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A roof is at the front of your homes defenses against the power of Mother Nature. Taking this into consideration we put a lot of though into making sure that roofing systems does defend your home. We specifically design the flashing systems, underlayment, ice and water shield, and shingles to the specifics of you home and lot. A roof is a system of components that must work together in order to fully protect your home. Water and air find the paths of least resistance, and can easily find any defect in improper installations. Our focus on building science allows us to fully understand how a roof should de designed to properly protect your home. A large part of the green building paradigm deals with water mitigation and proper flashing techniques. It is our attention to the small details that allow for us to offer a 8 year warranty on our labor, and be confident that your roof will perform as it should and serve its purpose of deflecting any water from your roof.
We can even help you get a Lifetime Warranty shingle that is Energy Star rated. This upgrade can be partially or wholly subsidized by the US Stimulus Plan.

All of our roof installations include drip edge, ice and water shield, and synthetic roofing felt as an underlayment. Our ice and water shield is always installed to 2 fet inside the interior drywall of the home. We do not simply just roll out one row of ice and water. We also use synthetic felt as our underlayment. We do not use 15# felt because it tears easily during installs, comes in smaller rolls allowing for more seams, and does not include a warranty. Our synthetic felt solves all of these issues as comes with a 30 year warranty on the underlayment. 15# felt does not ever come with a warranty. It is practices like this that set us far beyond our competitors.

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We offer:

asphalt roofs, cedar shake roof, and metal roofing products.

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